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8 Feb

The Urban River Enhancement Scheme is the Ribble Rivers Trust project to improve and engage communities in Burnley on the Riverine heritage of the post industrial revolution town.

Burnley takes its name from “Brun Lea” the meadow by the River Brun.  The rivers have played a pivotal role in the town, from the providing water to the first settlement in the 12th century to powering the mills that milled wheat and laterally wool.

In the last 100 years the river stopped being seen as a provider and became a conduit to remove waste from the Town – the Victorians re-built the rivers to transport sewage out of the town, which resulted in the rivers being built over and generally the town turning its back on them.

The URES project has improved the rivers to bring back wildlife to the centre of the town, and to highlight the importance they have, and continue to have to the town or Burnley.