Geotrail Shedden Clough

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Ribble Rivers Trust worked in partnership with GeoLancashire to develop this Geotrail guide. Use it to explore Shedden Clough, the source of Burnley’s river Brun.

Find out how our landscape has been dramatically altered through hundreds of years of ‘hushing’ for limestone to make qicklime…

The secrets of how the river and the power of water was harnessed to create this landscape is a story of our natural river heritage and it would have been lost forever if it wasn’t for the hard work of our local historian Titus Thornber.

For the first time (as far as we know) talks delivered by Titus are now available online, revealing the Mystery of Shedden Heys;

Shedden Geotrail
The Manufacture of Quicklime in Limekilns
South Pennine Packhorse Trails poster
Cliviger Gorge Packhorse Trails Circuit

More information is available from GeoLancashire visit their web site for lots more background information as well as a full set of the excellent Geotrail series

6th August Hurstwood and Shedden Clough  (1)

Keith Williams of GeoLancashire leads a guided walk around the Hushings on the trail of Titus Thornber and the ‘Mystery of Shedden Clough’6th August Hurstwood and Shedden Clough  (3)



Peter Del Strother of GeoLancashire describes the process of making quicklime from limestone using these kilns. The one on site is a reconstruction by United Utilities.