River in the Classroom publications

Teacher guide to raising brown trout in the classroom – This guide book describes the equipment you will need and how to raise healthy shoal of trout in the classroom.

Creative workshops for river in the classroom – A collection of worksheets and ideas for creative workshops to increase engagement of young people in learning about river wildlife whilst at the same time developing literacy skills in poetry and song writing.

Also the following blog posts by Creeping Toad describe some of the creative workshops held in Burnley schools as part of URES in 2014 and 2015:

See what else the artists are up to by visiting their blog page ‘Creeping Toad’ or listen to some of Steve’s current album “So begins the snow” on Amazon.

Over 500 primary school children enjoyed the River In The Classroom project with URES.

Did you know that in the wild just one egg in a hundred (1%) usually survives to grow into a young fish. In comparison the young ‘fish keepers’ in Burnley Primary Schools successfully achieved a survival rate of over eighty eggs in a hundred. That’s an 80% survival rate and over 1,200 young brown trout released into Burnley’s rivers in 2014-2015.